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The latest issue of Library Leadership & Management (LL&M) is now available. LL&M focuses on assisting library administrators and managers at all levels as they deal with day-to-day challenges. In-depth articles address a wide variety of management issues and highlight examples of successful management methods used in libraries. Features include interviews with prominent practitioners in libraries and related fields, and columns with practical advice on managing libraries. Libraries Taking a Lead – “It’s a once in a generation opportunity not to be wasted.” A Good Jobs Strategy for Libraries – “Ton’s framework focuses on four principles; offer less, standardize and empower, cross-train, and operate with slack, each of which are relevant to varying degrees to library and archives organization contexts.” Too Many Spoons: Library Workers and Disabilities – “The above experience has happened to me at academic libraries, public libraries, and other institutions.” Revisiting Strategy in a Time of Crisis…Continue Reading

Summary, November 2021 Core e-Forum, Libraries Press on Despite COVID

November 2021 Core e-Forum

Our primary objectives in the e-Forum were to hear about the impact COVID-19 had on library operations/staff and how participants coped with so many unique challenges and stressors. We were particularly interested in facilitating discussion about workflows and best practices. In short, how did library staff respond to trying circumstances, what worked well, what did not work well, and what does the post-COVID future look like for libraries? We learned that the “one size fits all” philosophy does not apply to library work schedules. Some respondents teleworked 100%, others worked exclusively on campus, and some had hybrid schedules. Discussions throughout Day 1 lead to many sharing the pros and cons of different work models while also pointing out inequalities with race, job responsibilities, and access to the internet. The opportunity to work remotely provides convenience when commutes are long or days are filled with Zoom meetings. In contrast, the opportunity…Continue Reading

Core/ACRL Webinar: Bringing Intentionality and Inclusivity to the Academic Library Interview

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Are you thinking about hiring? Join the Core Academic Interviews Project Team on Thursday, November 18 at noon CT for a free webinar to discuss our guide for interview best practices. Whether you are holding interviews online or in-person, we created a set of recommendations for interview processes that aim to be transparent and candidate-friendly, while mitigating the bias that is often inherent in long-held practices. At the end of the webinar, participants will understand which aspects of traditional interview practices invite bias; be able to identify areas of potential improvement in their own interview practices; and be familiar with new ways to structure interviews that are welcoming to candidates through an inclusive process.  The Core Academic Interviews Project Team’s best practices draft document and this webinar will address our recommendations for candidate-friendly interview processes that include addressing accessibility needs throughout the interview day. The draft best practices document is still open for anyone to…Continue Reading

Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL) Journal Seeks Assistant Editor

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Information Technology and Libraries (ITAL) is expanding its editorial staff through the appointment of an Assistant Editor. The ITAL Assistant Editor will be a member of the ITAL Editorial Board, assist with evaluation of submitted articles (“desk review”) prior to peer review, and manage the journal’s peer review process, including communication with authors. The ITAL Assistant Editor may assist with copyediting and layout of articles accepted for publication. Along with the other members of the ITAL Editorial Board, the ITAL Assistant Editor assists with publicity and content development for the journal and advises the ITAL Editor on policy and strategy.  The ITAL Assistant Editor is appointed by the Core Board on the recommendation of the ITAL Editorial Board for a renewable three-year term ending June 30, 2024. The position comes with a $1000/year stipend.  Qualifications Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively in written English Ability to participate in regularly scheduled…Continue Reading