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Submit your 2021 ALA Annual Program Proposals

Submit an ALA 2021 Annual Conference program proposal for ALA’s newest division, Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures. Proposals are due September 30, 2020, and you don’t need to be a Core member to submit a proposal. Submit your idea using this proposal form. Core welcomes topics of interest to a wide range of library professionals in many different areas, including… 1. Access and Equity Advocacy in areas such as copyright, equity of access, open access, net neutrality, and privacy Preservation Week Equity, diversity, and inclusion, both within the division and the profession, as related to Core’s subject areas 2. Assessment Emphasizing the role of assessment in demonstrating the impacts of libraries or library services Assessment tools, methods, guidelines, standards, and policies and procedures 3. Leadership and Management Developing leaders at every level Best practices for inclusion by using an equity lens to examine leadership structures Leadership for talent management and human…Continue Reading

Intro to Core News for the Librarian

Welcome to Core News, the official blog for Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, the newest division of the American Library Association. This isn’t just any blog, but this is the go-to info sharing platform for the modern day librarian, library worker or library student. What to Expect? Core News will feature original content from members on current issues and trends relevant to the library profession. Our community represents a variety of perspectives, from library students, to library staff to public, academic, and special librarians in one or more of the following core functions: Management and Leadership Administration Assessment Buildings and equipment Human resources Technical Services  Acquisitions  Cataloging Collection management Electronic and continuing resources Metadata  Preservation Technology Coding/Development Data & Open Science Web services Systems administration Emerging trends Innovation Digital Humanities The blog also delivers announcements about Core programming, conferences, and other social networking events, and serves as a place for Core committees,…Continue Reading