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Applications now open for ALA Core AvramCamp 2020

Applications now open for ALA Core AvramCamp 2020

When: November 12, 2020

Online: Via Zoom (link will be sent to selected registrants)

ALA Core AvramCamp 2020

Join us at AvramCamp, ALA’s AdaCamp-inspired event! This inclusive and supportive space will give participants the chance to explore common work challenges, learn strategies for dealing with them, and build a supportive community with fellow library technology workers of marginalized genders, including women, non-binary folks, and trans men.

This one-day, free ONLINE Core event, built on the unconference model, will start with an in-depth discussion about Imposter Syndrome, the feeling that you aren’t actually qualified for the work you are doing and will be discovered as a fraud. Participants will then have the opportunity to choose and discuss a number of topics in  small groups, such as ways to negotiate salary effectively, advocate for accomplishments/invisible work, and promote diversity and equity in tech environments.

Our goal is to create a support network and increase participation from underrepresented genders in open technology and culture to further the library community’s goals of ensuring equitable access to information for everyone. Since attendance is limited, please complete the following form to be considered for a space.

Please contact or for additional information or questions about AvramCamp.

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