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Get Involved with Your Core Community!

Get Involved with Your Core Community!

Core Connect is now LIVE. Core Connect is our members-only network designed for sharing information, engaging with colleagues, and the go-to portal for instant Core updates. Have you noticed the Connect platform has a new look? Watch this Core 101 video tutorial and learn how to navigate the Connect platform like a pro.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We’re excited to announce our Core Sections and Interest Groups are now available for you to join for free! Find your niche in Core and learn about emerging trends important to your work by joining any of these groups.

Members have already been placed in the sections that align with their previous division affiliation. For example, former members of ALCTS are already a member of the Core Metadata Section, former LITA members are already in the Technology Section, and former LLAMMA members are already in the Leadership and Management Section. You can find them by logging in to Core Connect and looking for “My Sections” in the “Communities” navigation menu.

We’re also bringing Interest Groups online in Connect so you can find them all in one place and easily join them. Our first round of IGs is up and running, and we’re adding more every couple of weeks. Join as many as match your interests, even ones in a section you haven’t joined. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with colleagues on the topics that matter to you.

These groups were created with you in mind, so we encourage you to get involved, share your own experiences, and ask questions with members doing work similar to yours, in core functions like yours.

If you have any questions about a section or interest group, please email us at