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Core Launches the Library Assessment Repository

Core Launches the Library Assessment Repository

The new ALA division Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures is delighted to announce the launch of the Library Assessment Repository (LAR). This repository is a collaborative resource curated by an international community of assessment librarians intended to give new and established professionals a single source of useful resources relating to library assessment.

The Library Assessment Repository is composed of two main sections:

●  Library Assessment Fundamentals – The fundamentals section is populated with essential library assessment resources including terminologies, methodologies and other useful information such as relevant mailing lists and national surveys.

●  Community Resources – This section affords users an opportunity to share helpful resources with other professionals. The community section is still under development and is seeking contributions of materials.

LAR is intended to be an evolving, interactive community resource for librarians across all sectors and levels of experience. The community approach enables users to confidently select relevant and effective resources developed, reviewed and recommended by fellow assessment professionals. In addition, LAR content is anticipated to grow as contributions are received from colleagues worldwide, thus ensuring the repository remains effective and up-to-date. Users can explore recommended resources on topics such as research methods, use of national statistics, library assessment plans and more. 

The Library Assessment Repository was first proposed in 2015 with initial work beginning under the Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) in 2017. Core would like to thank the 43+ volunteers who have brought this resource to life.


LAR Phase 3 Project Co-Leads

Kat Bell

Daniel Wilson