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Digital Civics and Citizenship for Students

Digital Civics and Citizenship for Students

Regardless of age and experience, young adults must be mindful of their digital presence in the expanding digital world. In Digital Civics and Citizenship: An Applied Approach, Casey Davis provides a guide for librarians, educators, counselors, and administrators to guide secondary and higher education students in successfully practicing responsible citizenship and civics in the digital world. In our world where our social credit is held increasing value, digital civics and citizenship are powerful tools, especially for students just venturing into this expansive realm.

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Digital Civics and Citizenship: An Applied Approach is a must read for every educator striving to help their students navigate the ever changing landscape of our digital world. With themes of respect, empathy, and advocacy, to name a few, Davis has put together an honest and much needed manual in how to promote civics and citizenship, critical thinking, and character building in an increasingly divisive and ironically disconnected society…. By including activities, lesson plans, and rubrics that can be adapted to students of any age, along with suggestions on how to implement these ideas, this book will be invaluable to all levels of educators. I for one am excited to use it with my faculty to of our students and the positive impact they will have on the world.

— Veronica Gutierrez, senior manager of academic programming and student success, Barrett Honors Faculty, Public Service Academy, Arizona State University

Casey Davis, in Digital Civics and Citizenship, effectively and innovatively addresses a key, timely challenge: how to nurture a lifelong commitment to productive civic involvement and positive leadership at a time when cynicism and divisiveness is rampant…. Offering creative suggestions for learners of all ages committed to becoming engaged, responsible, respectful digital citizens, he lays the groundwork for overcoming some of the most divisive elements keeping us from engaging in positive conversations and collaborations. Davis leaves us primed, inspired, and eager to rethink how we approach civics and citizenship in the digital age—in the hope that, together, we can change our world.

— Paul Signorelli, author, Change the World Using Social Media