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New Core Web Course Explores Fundamentals of Management

New Core Web Course Explores Fundamentals of Management

Core is pleased to announce the release of a new web course on the introduction to fundamental concepts of management. This course was developed by Julia Davis, an experienced information science professional with a strong passion for employee-focused leadership practices, accessibility and procedural standardization. The Fundamentals of Management course is a 4-week course designed for new managers to build the skill set they need to successfully lead their department or organization, as well as support existing managers looking to improve their skills.

Students have 24/7 access to the course site for the four-week period, and aside from assignment and quiz deadlines, the course may be completed at their own pace. Instructors provide guidance and feedback as students work their way through the course material. Weekly, instructor-moderated chat sessions are the only live course events that students are asked to attend.

Each session is limited to 25 students, and sessions are expected to sell out quickly. The first session starts April 25 and goes through to May 20.

Learn more about the new Fundamentals of Management web course, including the session schedule.