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LIS Students: Apply for the 2024 Larew Scholarship for Tuition Help

LIS Students: Apply for the 2024 Larew Scholarship for Tuition Help

Core and Baker & Taylor are accepting applications for the Core Christian (Chris) Larew Memorial Scholarship for those who plan to follow a career in library and information technology, demonstrate potential leadership, and hold a strong commitment to library automation. The winner will receive a $3,000 for studying in an ALA Accredited Master of Library Science (MLS) program and a citation. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2024.

Criteria for the Scholarship includes previous academic excellence, evidence of leadership potential, and a commitment to a career in library automation and information technology. Candidates should illustrate their qualifications for the scholarships with a statement indicating the nature of their library experience, letters of reference and a personal statement of the applicant’s view of what they can bring to the profession. Winners must have been accepted to a Master of Library Science (MLS) program recognized by the American Library Association.

A link to the application form and instructions for filling it out are available on the ALA/Divisions Scholarship Program page. All applications, references, transcripts, and other documents must be received no later than March 1 for that year’s scholarship.

Thank you to Baker & Taylor for sponsoring this scholarship.