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Announcing the Awardees of the 2024 Core Presidential Citations

Announcing the Awardees of the 2024 Core Presidential Citations

Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures is pleased to announce the 2024 awardees of Core Presidential Citations. The Core Presidential Citations recognize distinguished achievements by Core members who make significant contributions to the association and to the profession. Awarded by the current Core President, this award consists of a citation and will be presented on Saturday, June 29 at the Core Awards Ceremony during the 2024 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, CA. The recipients are:

Don Allgeier
Organization and Bylaws Chair (22-24)

The inaugural chair for the Organization and Bylaws Committee, Don took on the massive task of reworking the minimal Core bylaws and structure written in the transitional period from the former divisions to Core. Working through the process to revise the bylaws and handbook is a lengthy and highly collaborative process, and involves a lot of careful consideration. The precedence he has set with the Organization and Bylaws committee’s work will continue to make Core a nimble and flexible organization with an open attitude to change. In addition, his good humor and teambuilding skills have built a strong committee with multiple current and future Core leaders, now with an extra dose of knowledge about Core’s structure and possibilities. We look forward to everything Don will do in the future with Core.

Peter Bolek, AIA, NCARB
Buildings & Operations Awards for Buildings and Interiors Committee Chair (21-23), Past Chair (23-24)

As a volunteer with LLAMA, one of the precursor divisions to Core, and Core’s Buildings & Operations Section for over 20 years, Peter will complete his time volunteering on the Awards for Buildings and Interiors Committee at the end of this term.  Peter served as Chair from 2021-2023 and Past Chair from 2023-2024. He was instrumental in ensuring the AIA/ALA Awards and the IIDA Awards continued during the transition from LLAMA to Core.  Without his perseverance these awards may have not moved forward. Peter also served on the Architecture for Public Library committee from 2002-2017 prior to joining the Awards for Buildings and Interiors Committee in 2018. As design principal and President of HBM Architects, Peter provides design leadership and insight into the firm’s projects, as well as acting as the project designer on the firm’s most significant projects and still dedicates time to Core. Peter is very generous with his volunteer time and shares his expertise on library design widely with the library community.  He has led numerous presentations on library design topics throughout the years including at ALA Annual, PLA, and Core Forum.  Peter remains committed to Core and its mission. He plans to continue supporting the important work of the association’s committees, ensuring that his wealth of experience and passion for library design benefits the community for years to come.

Dr. Amanda Click
Core Forum 2023 Co-Chair and Chair, Leadership & Management Section (23-24)

As a past co-chair of the Core Forum Planning Committee, Amanda provided guidance and expert planning to make the 2023 Core Forum a success.  Her work included, coordinating conference programming, identifying areas for improvement within the committee, and providing guidance to the committee.  Amanda’s work with the committee will be carried on for years to come as the committee develops ideas she instilled during her tenure. In addition, Amanda joined the Leadership & Management Section Leaders Team.  During her tenure on the leadership committee she led the efforts to establish the Section including conducting a detailed membership survey that will further guide the growth of the section.

Jodie Gambill (posthumous)

This citation is in memoriam for Jodie Gambill, who died on April 3, 2024. Jodie worked in the Library Technology and Digital Services department at Vanderbilt University since 2007, and held many leadership roles in LITA, one of the precursor divisions to Core. She was an Emerging Leader for LITA in 2012, a member and then a chair of the Web Coordinating Committee, member and then chair of the Organization and Bylaws Committee, LITA Parliamentarian, and elected to the board as LITA Councilor in 2019, continuing on as Core Councilor after the merger. She helped everyone in so many ways, and was instrumental in the formation of Core in 2020.  Jodie was eager to carry on with leadership in Core, but due to her cancer diagnosis was unable to do so. She will be missed as a librarian, a technologist, a Drupal expert, an ALA governance nerd, and a leader. Her colleagues will miss her and remember her for so much more. They will remember her humor and her great laugh. They admired her attention to detail, and willingness to join in and pitch in with everything, whether it was her strength already or something she wanted to learn. She showed up, and people wanted to work with her. She was dedicated to her family, and was honest about the difficulties of balancing career and children, but was a model for how to do it. She was one of a kind, and we will miss her presence in our community.

Jenny Levine
Core Deputy Executive Director for Advocacy, Connections and Engagement (20-24)

In recognition of Jenny Levine for her 17 years at ALA, and especially for her work as the Core Deputy Executive Director for Advocacy, Connections and Engagement. Core would not be what it is today without Jenny’s passion for innovation, dedication to members, and drive to build Core into the division it was envisioned to be.  The creation of Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures in 2020 was the largest ALA division restructuring in 40 years. In championing the new division, we partnered with the three Boards of Directors and dozens of committees to build a shared vision of the future and to align different missions, structures, and cultures. Jenny’s legacy will continue to live on as Core continues to build on the services she helped to create, such as the unique access to the WMS Sandbox which is a major value add to members.  From 2006 to 2015, Jenny served as a Strategy Guide within the Information Technology & Telecommunications (ITTS) unit at ALA. From 2015 – 2020, Jenny served as the Executive Director of LITA, one of the precursor divisions to Core. Jenny will be missed, most of all, by her Core staff family and Core Community. She has been a mentor, advocate, and friend to all of us. We wish her the best in this next stage and plan to carry Core forward with Jenny’s passion, ingenuity, and generosity always in mind.

Peter Musser
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Interest Group Co-Chairs (23-24)

His contributions to Core have stood out this year when member engagement has been low. Peter’s enthusiasm and willingness to commit his time to engage Core members in developments in AI is outstanding. He organized a popular AI discussion during Interest Group Week, planned an AI panel with phenomenal speakers for the 2024 ALA Annual in San Diego, volunteered his expertise to be part of a potential AI Project team, and he and his co-chair also are guest editors for ITAL’s AI special issue. His service to ALA and Core is very appreciated.

Frank Skornia
Core Web Committee Chair (23-24) and Core Representative to the ALA Information Technology Advisory Committee (23-25)

Frank has demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership as the Chair of the Core Web Committee (23-24). He has been an invaluable asset to Core staff during the web migration. Frank has spent countless hours answering questions, providing input, and fixing issues found on the Core website post-migration.  In addition, Frank has personally built the Core Forum 2022, 2023, and 2024 websites.  In addition he serves as the Core Representative to the ALA  Information Technology Advisory Committee. His tireless efforts and dedication have significantly enhanced the efficiency and functionality of the Core web presence, greatly benefiting the entire community.

Joseph Yue
Chair, Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee (22-24) and RUSA President (23-24)

Joseph has done a wonderful job chairing the Core Fundraising & Sponsorships Committee. Under his leadership, the committee has developed and implemented standard procedures, documentation, and outreach materials that have helped establish relationships with several new sponsors for Core events and activities, while also supporting  innovative fundraising efforts like targeted campaigns for Open Access Week. He has brought to his work as chair organizational rigor, openness to new ideas, and an engaging and collegial style of communication. Core’s success depends on bringing in revenue from fundraising and sponsorships, and we recognize Joseph for his contributions to this vital part of Core’s work. His leadership term has helped set this important committee up for even greater success in the future. And he did this all while also serving as the President of RUSA.