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Examine the key concepts of I.T. with this textbook for librarians and information professionals

In the first textbook from Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures, praised as “thorough, comprehensive, yet highly readable,” Jonathan M. Smith lays a solid foundation of information technology concepts and best practices for aspiring technologists. The Information Technology for Librarians and Information Professionals book provides a broad selection of practical and current…Continue Reading

2021 Core Candidates Interview

The Core election is well underway, and our staff asked the 2021 President-Elect candidates, Margaret Heller and Maurini Strub to share their perspectives with us in this brief three-question interview. We asked Margaret Heller: How can Core work to amplify and include diverse voices within the division and the wider…Continue Reading

Gain the Tools to Assess and Rewrite Operational Library Policies with this Core webinar on February 10

Are you involved in writing, implementing, and assessing operational library policies? If so, join us on Wednesday, February 10, 1pm CT to enhance your skills with this webinar “Assessing and (Re)Writing Operational Policies.” This webinar presents a high-level introduction to operational policies, why they need to be assessed on a…Continue Reading