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This article is from our guest blog contributor, Graeme Williams, Online Catalog Analyst. Gamers use POV to mean “point of view”, but they’re not using it metaphorically — they mean seeing a game through particular eyes.  This is a post about architecture, and signage, and accessibility, but really it’s just about seeing the library (the building, not the abstraction) from a patron’s point of view. Imagine you’re a patron who is upset because you need to renew a book to complete a course to get a certification to keep your job — but you’ve lost your library card.  And this is a branch you’ve never visited before.  Start on the sidewalk at the back of the parking lot. From your position on the sidewalk, can you tell that you’re outside a library?  Can you tell where the entrance is?  Library buildings shouldn’t be coy. Start walking … Can you make it…Continue Reading

Learn how to Manage Your Academic Library Building During a Pandemic in this Dec. 16 Core webinar

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Closing, opening, and reopening academic libraries during a pandemic requires library decision-makers to take on new roles, learn new things, and apply new knowledge to decision making for their facilities and employees. These decision-makers find themselves in need of real-time information — not only about their own institution’s practices, but also how other libraries are responding. Some are thrust into leadership positions on their own campuses. Others struggle for guidance. Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, and Futures will present the webinar “To Open or Not Open: Academic Library Building Management and Decision-making During a Pandemic,” on Wednesday, December 16, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm, Central Time.  This webinar will present strategies to manage risk used on several campuses that have reopened their libraries during COVID-19. The presenters will discuss the resources referenced, experts engaged, processes undertaken both external and internal to the library to support the decision to reopen, preparations to reopen…Continue Reading