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2021 John Cotton Dana Awards Announced

John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence in Strategic Communications

~ Eight Libraries Awarded $10,000 Grants from H.W. Wilson Foundation  ~ The 2021 John Cotton Dana (JCD) Award winners, recognized for their strategic communications efforts, have been selected. The John Cotton Dana Awards provide up to eight grants for libraries that demonstrate outstanding library public relations. The award is managed by the American Library Association’s Core Division and consists of $10,000 grants from the H.W. Wilson Foundation. The grants highlight campaigns feature a wide variety of strategies including: civic engagement programming, a virtual story time with more than 800 million views, a virtual Open House to celebrate a three-year renovation, and an awareness media campaign to highlight pandemic services. Other winning campaigns include the launch of a local artist music streaming site that had to retool mid-campaign as libraries closed, a Park & Connect Internet access campaign, a 2020 Census campaign that increases the county’s self-response rate and a library…Continue Reading

Learn Service Design In One Week: Design Sprint Basics

illustration of one person holding a question mark talking to another person holding a light bulb

More than ever, library leaders at all levels are asked to design and implement new services and programs on a rapid timeline. How can projects move quickly while engaging equitably with community and staff members? Discover how a design sprint process can lead a group from ideation to implementation in only 5 days. Popularized by Google Ventures, a design sprint is a human centered design process in a condensed timeline. This webinar will explore how a sprint process can set the stage for both innovation and equity when designing a new library service. With lessons from 4 sprints from a combination of different projects and organizations, learn how a sprint could be used to tackle priority projects more effectively in less time. In this session, you’ll learn: build a case for using a sprint design process to move quickly and equitably when creating a new service; identify project types suitable…Continue Reading