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Get Involved

Get Involved

We encourage all members of Core to maximize your member benefits and get involved in shaping the future of the library profession.

Volunteer for a Committee

Give back and contribute to the Core library profession and volunteer for a committee. Serve as a resource to help build Core programming, advocacy, and sustain the member experience to keep libraries strong. Besides, library professionals could use more resume credentials to brag about! 

Participating on a committee is a great way to develop new skills, learn from your peers, help advance the mission of Core, and accomplish concrete goals. We need your talents! The volunteer form opens in September each year.

All members of Core are urged to apply. We need the talent and skill of dedicated library professionals like you.

Connect with Core Members

View your networks of members doing work similar to yours, in libraries like yours and in core functions like yours. Add interests to your Core Connect profile to expand your networks further. You can also search for Core members by name, organization, and interests.

Teach for Core

Find Your Niche: Join an Interest Group or Sections

Interest groups and Sections are a great way to get involved with Core while learning about emerging trends or issues in library technology. Ask questions, share your own experiences, and stay current with the topics and issues that are important in your work. Our Core interest groups and Sections will roll out soon. Stay tuned for the email announcement.

Stay Current and Share Your Expertise 

Subscribe to CoreTV for upcoming podcasts and join live discussions to stay up-to-date on current issue and learn from your peers. If you would like to be a guest on a podcast episode and share your expertise on a topic, please contact the Core office at

Connect with Core on Social Media

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, to join our online discussions and connect with your colleagues in Core.


Have more questions on how to get involved in Core, please visit our website at

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