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Tuesday, Feb 02


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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IG Week Sessions

Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group

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TSWEIG’s charge is to provide a forum to exchange information and discuss techniques in workflows associated with the evaluation, selection, acquisition, and discovery of library resources.

As we explore these topics during 2021 Core Interest Group Week, TSWEIG is excited to feature two presentations:

Michael P. Williams, Head of Global Studies Technical Services, University of Pennsylvania Libraries & Beth Picknally Camden, Patricia and Bernard Goldstein Director of Information Processing, University of Pennsylvania Libraries present Batch is the New Bespoke: Integrating Web Scraping, Batch Metadata Tools, and Streamlined Cataloging Workflows into Technical Services. The Global Studies Technical Services unit has adopted tools and processes that get metadata into records in batch and put resources in the hands of users as quickly as possible. Internally, this involves adopting web-scraping tools using Google Sheets’ various capabilities; and, externally, we have worked with technology experts at other libraries to test, improve, and integrate their tools into our workflows. These batch tools, plus others, have transformed cumbersome copy-and-paste transactions into holistic activities that support library catalog metadata through its lifecycle and provide diverse and inclusive language data. By embracing efficient tools and emphasizing product over process, we have begun to create sustainable procedures that will clear backlogs and ensure our diverse users find what they are looking for.

Jennifer M. Eustis, Metadata Librarian, University of Massachusetts Amherst will present Collaborations, Consortia, Conundrums, where she will talk about the different types of collaborations necessary to ensure that the migration to FOLIO, their consortium’s new library service platform, is as successful as possible. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is part of the Five College Consortium, where as a consortium they will migrate to the open source library service platform FOLIO.

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